Preparing Your Bio-Video for Your Debut

Doing a video of your life is like riding a time capsule. It also gives you an opportunity to reassess your life to know whether you need to improve on it or just maintain that cool vibe that you have. Making a video is important because it gives your guests the chance to take a peek into your life and show them the other sides to your personality for them to know you even more. Making a short video is tedious work, but it will all be worth it once you see the smiles on everybody else’s faces.

So, how do you make a SHORT “documentary” of your 18 years of existence? We need to emphasize SHORT, because you don’t want to lull your guests to sleep do you? This can be made DIY by you with the use of your trusted videocam. If you are kind of shy about asking your friends and family things pertaining to you, you could ask a favor from your BFF to do this. This should be planned early on so that you or your best friend are actually doing interviews three to four months before your party. Make arrangements for interview with your parents, relatives, cousins, friends, high school teacher/ principal, magtataho and fishball vendors, or whoever you think touched your life and made a tremendous impact on you as a human being. I’m sure they will be more than happy to give a word or two.

Prepare a list of questions or what you want to hear from them.

Have them describe you in a more artistic, tasteful, detailed and unvague way. Ask them to refrain from saying “nice” “mabait” “beautiful.” Let us spare the audience of clichés that they probably already know.

If you have a very distinct way about you, make them imitate the way you speak, laugh, walk, etc.

Friends will probably have similar views about you so they might as well say it in chorus, or if not, ask them to say a different adjective (single or two word adjectives).

Ask them to tell a very funny experience with you (the more embarrassing, the better.)

Arrange messages according to topic and importance, like if they were describing your infancy and childhood, it needs to be placed at the start of the AVP, and so on.

After you have gathered all videos, have them edited by a pro or do it yourself using Macromedia Flash, Final Cut Pro, Windows Movie Maker or any video editing software you know your way around.

Pick a background music that will more or less describe you or your personality or what you stand for, etc.

Edit the video in a way that will make it spontaneous and upbeat so that you have a very funky video that is very fun to watch.


Thumbnail Photo by voodooangel via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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  1. Hi Good Day.

    Do you know any professional videographer who can make a video or slideshow for my sister’s debut. preferably near makati area thanks in advance.


  2. Hi! I would just like to ask, how many minutes would be that video? What is that maximum limit? 🙂

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