20 Dress Styles That Complement Different Body Types

Dress for Every Body Type

Looking for an outfit is one of the most exciting things you have to do for your Debut preparations. The most important things usually considered in looking for the perfect 18th birthday dress are the color, style, price, and of course, the fit. But sometimes, no matter how perfect the dress fits, it will still look awkward or unflattering if it does not match your body type well.

Thank goodness for style tips from designers, we now know better!  Let this guide help you know what to look for in a debut outfit to make you look your best on your very special day.

1. Drop Waist

Drop Waist

This cut is perfect for straight bodies. It elongates a short torso and nips the waistline. The Drop Waist has a feminine shape, adding curve to thick waists.

2. Two-Piece

Two Piece

This style is the most versatile, taking you to your debut party and beyond. Pair the skirt with a tank top and go to a friend’s debut. Wear the top with black pants and  you are ready for cocktails!

3. Asymmetric


If you have a flair for drama, this style is ideal for you!  The neckline flatters broad shoulders while the hem lengthens a petite and full frame.

4. Ballgown


For skinny frames, this ballgown is a great outfit because it adds volume to your body. The thickness of its petticoat can be adjusted according to how much volume you need.

5. Sheath


Minimalist and modern, this simple style best suits slender bodies.

6. A-Line


Elegant and sculptural in its simplicity, it’s foolproof in bringing wide hips, a full figure, heavy thighs and a petite frame back into proportion.

7. Bias-Cut


A tricky cut as it clings onto every curve.  It’s sexy on toned bodies, hourglass figures and adds shape to lean women.

8. Empire


Evoking old world glamour, this romantic and feminine shape adds height if you’re petite, curves if you’re boxy, and camouflages a thick waist.


9. Scoop Neck

Scoop Neck
Scoop Neck

This cut elongates your neck as it creates a graceful neckline. Because of this attention is drawn to your pretty face.

10. Apron


Adds weight to bony figures and adds structure to a full bust.

11. Halter


If you want to give an illusion of longer, leaner and sexier arms, the halter type is perfect for you. This cut is sexy without being too revealing.

12. High-Neck

High Neck

Very classic, it looks best on swan-like necks and small chests.

13. Bateau


This simple and elegant neckline minimizes a full bust, and emphsizes an attractive decollete.

14. Asymmetric


Flatters broad shoulders, minimizes a large bust and cuts down a wide frame.

15. Square


This cut is conservative, yet modern and elegant. The best thing about this is that it flatters the collarbone!

16. Strapless


The strapless is a classic and simple style and it fits almost all body types.

17. Mandarin


Just like a cheongsam, the Mandarin cut flatters both full and lean figures when sown properly.

18. Sweetheart


The Sweetheart is for ladies who want to flaunt their Voluptuous figure!

19. Off-Shoulder


For long, lean shapes, this cut adds fullness to a slim bust.

20. V-Neck


V-necks are generally flattering. They narrow a thick upper body, lengthen a short torso, adds dimension to a small bust and cuts down a larger one.

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