Featured Designer: Tracy Dizon, on matching headpieces

Debut Ideas recently took interest in accessories especially headpieces that can turn any outfit into something fabulous. A dress may look too plain and simple for a special occasion like your debut, but this does not mean that you can’t make it work! Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity and innovation to make any outfit unique.

Our featured designer Tracy Dizon believes that headpieces make outfits a little more special. She says that style is not just about the dress you wear, but the overall look you can achieve. Tracy has just launched “Tiara”, a line of hats and headpieces inspired by both period and contemporary themes.

To keep up with the trend, we asked Tracy to suggest a matching headpiece from her Spring-Summer 2010 Tiara Collections to some celebrities based on their outfits.


1. Amy Adams – I chose a Tiara headpiece from our Cocktail Cruisers Collection named “Absinthe”… It’s a classic pillbox velvet hat with net veil… It’s perfect for her short cocktail party look… She still looks dressy but a little bit casual but with a little vintage vibe into it.

2. Anna Kendrick – I chose a Tiara headpiece from our Jane Austen Brides Collection named “Emma Woodhouse”. This cute little fascinator accent has a sot texture of sinamay material that matches the soft shear texture of her off-white outfit.

3. Audrina Patridge – I chose “Plum Blossom” my favorite Tiara headpiece from the Oriental Overtures Collection. Teal and black is a very stylish color combo nowadays and by that, of course Tiara won’t be missing a combo color as such. This fits her outfit perfectly well with a little print detail to accentuate the headpiece a little .

4. Keira Knightley – For Keira Knightley’s gothic-avant garde look, I chose a Tiara headpiece from our Cocktails Cruisers Collection named “Cosmopolitan”… This loopy piece is fitting for her strappy avant garde look. It adds up to her dark feel of the look she’s trying to pull off while still being glamorous walking the red carpet.

5. Katy Perry – Katy Perry is my favorite celebrity among these bunch of A-listers. She’s edgy and quirky. With her statement “Dollar Dress” I chose to match it with Tiara’s more casual collection our Tiara Bow Candy Collection… “Black Licorice” is a houndstooth wool bow that definitely matches Katy’s bold personality. She could definitely pull-off a print on print action going on with her look!

6. Leighton Meester – Blair won’t be Blair without her Bows! For Leightonn, I chose a funkier Tiara Bow design from our Candy Collection named “Dark Mint”. This black with green polka print makes Leighton’s green ensemble a little quirk kick for accent while still keeping her “Blair” character.

More about the designer:

Tracy Dizon took her major in BS Clothing Technology in the University of the Philippines . Tracy has worked as a designer for local apparel retailer Kamiseta and as head stylist for a top billing television fantasy series, while celebrating the joys of being a mother. She has also done design and styling for a wide array of clients – from television networks MTV Philippines (and London) and GMA-7 to various commercial products such as S.T.A.M.P.S. and Tanduay.

While in college, Tracy had already won and participated in a number of fashion design competitions. Until recently, she was the Philippine representative to an international fashion design competition held in Tokyo , Japan . She also participated on Season 2 of Project Runway Philippines, the local adaptation of the reality television series Project Runway.

Tracy’s personal style combines the candor and spontaneity of a child with the experience of a true fashion savant.

(Text by Karol Ilaga c/o Tracy Dizon)

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2 thoughts on “Featured Designer: Tracy Dizon, on matching headpieces

  1. Tracy is such a craetive girl. She never runs out of surprises and ideas to spice-up a wardrobe. She is such a scene stealer and each piece she create will surely guaranty your place on the spotlight. 🙂 Two thumbs Tracy!

  2. Hi Tracy,

    I visited your site at http://www.march30store.com and you really have cool items there! I love your collection and I think it’s a great way to spice up any girl’s wardrobe… especially mine!



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