The Much-Awaited Glow

The baby is now a lady… this old TV commercial, which made all fathers teary-eyed, became popular in the 90s. Who wouldn’t be touched by this? This little girl applying cologne on her neck transitioning to a young lady spraying body scent all over got parents all over the country thinking… “Time flies so fast indeed! My baby has already grown… into a beautiful person!”

The teenager just turned into a lady…ready to be noticed and be introduced to the society. Who says a girl can’t glam herself on her most special day as she faces the world fearlessly?

Be Confident and Experiment!

I always tell my clients especially debutants not to be afraid to experiment and be adventurous to get out of their shells! Prettifying yourself and starting it on your 18th birthday celebration is a great way to begin this new phase in your life as you face a more challenging world. Be confident girl! When you look good you feel good about yourself and it happens on your debut party…the day or night to have fun, enjoy and spend time with your friends and family!

Hair and make up comes in different ways and in different themes. You, as the debutant can hire someone who knows how to make you the most beautiful on your 18th birthday. Someone whom you can trust – someone who will not give you the look you are not comfortable wearing. This person may be a professional or a very close relative of yours who knows her or his craft. Enhancement of your features is the key to a gorgeous you!

Things you need to take into consideration for your hair and make up:

Before anything else, you need to finalize these important details so the make up artist knows how to style your hair and make up on your special day.

  1. Debut Theme. It is very important for a makeup artist to know the theme of your debut party so she can design your make up accordingly. Examples of popular themes include: Red carpet, Fairytale, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Retro etc. Visit our idea page for more debut party themes.
  2. Time and Venue. It is important to inform your makeup artist whether you are having the party in the morning, afternoon or evening; or if you are holding the celebration in an open garden or in a hotel ballroom. Make up artists usually apply light make up for parties in the morning or those held in open spaces; and heavier make-up in the evening or parties held indoors.
  3. If you want to have a second look. Inform the makeup artist whether you are having an outfit change so she can give you the matching hairstyle or make up.

It is also important to ask your hair and make up artist a few questions such as:

  • What the hair and make up package includes
  • Are retouches included?
  • Is there a trial/test hair and make up?

Usually when you book an artist of your choice, a deposit is required to secure the date. It is best when you have a written agreement or a contract between two parties on agreed services.

Rehearse the look you desire and you must do this at least 2-3 months before the big night. You can bring a picture of your hair and make up peg, your hair or other accessories and a picture of your gown so the artist will have an image of what she or he would make on you.

Your make up artist may act as a beauty consultant advising you on what to do prior the big event. Usually I request my debutants to be very strict on skin preparation. Be sure to cleanse, tone and moisturize for a long-lasting finish and flawless look of make up . Keeping your skin soft and supple makes a lot of difference when putting on make up and these steps must be done months before your party. A technology that is also favored by some debutantes is Airbrush Make Up due to it’s flawless and weightless feel on their delicate face. Minimal touch-up is only required.

But my dear debutantes, always remember that beauty is only skin deep. Be timelessly beautiful by being kind to others and being happy all the time! ~EJ

EJ Litiatco is a professional hair and make up artist who offers her services for photoshoots, television, events and other projects. She specializes in bridal make up for the whole entourage.
To know more about her services, visit her Facebook page.

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