Choosing Photo and Video Suppliers for your Debut Celebration

Nowadays, choosing photographers and videographers is easy and hard at the same time. Hard because there are so many to choose from and easy because you can have access to their work without going to their studio or having to meet up with all of them. Most photographers and videographers for 18th birthday celebrations have websites that contain their life’s work. Here you can see their style plus you have the added benefit of feedback from previous clients. If budget permits, photo/video suppliers who have already made a name for themselves often are the right pick. After all, they did not make it in the industry without talent, experience, perseverance and the right attitude. If they have a service only package, you can avail of that. They will provide you with raw data from a CD that will serve as your copy. You can take care of the album later by doing some scrapbooking yourself or have it made into an album by a professional.

You can also pick photo / video suppliers who will most likely fit in your budget and then choose from among those. You can meticulously look for their portfolios and look for a style that you love. Every photographer or videographer has their own style and this may help you narrow down your selection. There are so many photo/video suppliers now and the competition is so fierce.

Weigh in cost as well. A photo/video supplier priced neither too high nor too low is just right. Too low would make you wonder if he is updating his equipment. With the era of complex digital cameras that take really excellent pictures and high-tech editing softwares, photographers/videographers need to be aware of this new technology so as not to be left behind. You should also look for a photo/video supplier who has an “eye” or the talent to take beautiful pictures. Event photo/video suppliers priced too high on the other hand would only probably make your mom’s voice an octave higher.

Ask for a meet-up with your prospective photo/video supplier to have a feel of his social skills. It is important that you create a good rapport with these people because you will be working with them during, after or even before your 18th birthday party. Photo/video suppliers need to be courteous because they will be mingling with your guests and taking their pictures as well so it is important that they are spot on on Social Skills 101.

Ask how many photographers they will be giving you for your debut party. If it is just a small gathering, one photographer and one videographer will do. However, for much larger parties with 100 guests, it is advisable to have a minimum of at least two photographers/videographers. The main photographer/videographer during your debut celebration will solely be focused on you, the debutante, and will cover mostly all main parts of the program. The second photographer (backup) will also take pictures of you but on a different angle and will also take pictures of your guests, some candid shots from the games and your 18s.

The final copy of your video is usually edited to play only an hour long, so naturally not all of the footages will be included in the video. You may not be able see some guests or events in the final video, but this can’t be helped. A suggestion would be to ask for the raw footage of the whole event. That way, you have the edited version to watch with families and friends and then the raw footage as a memento of your special day where you can see the whole event from a guest’s perspective.

For event photographers, ask for their photo packages and some freebies they can offer like free tarpaulin spread, free portrait, free frame or a discount on the albums, etc. If you are opting to have a full package with album, make sure to choose materials that are updated and of highest quality that will be used for your photo album so that it will last a lifetime. Make sure to ask your debut party photographer to let you pick the pictures that will be included in your album. It is YOUR album after all.

Picking the right event videographer and photographer is important. They will be your bridge to the future. Years from now you would look nostalgically at your album or watch the video of that day you turned 18 for the umpteenth time and you’ll be glad you chose the right people to chronicle this once-in-a-lifetime event.

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5 thoughts on “Choosing Photo and Video Suppliers for your Debut Celebration

  1. Hi! I just wanted to know if you knew any good videographer/photographers that would be able to travel?

    I’m having a debut around march 2010 and I really want to get a videographer/photographer from the philippines rather than on island. There aren’t a lot of professionals with the right equipment.

    Please reply as soon as possible.

  2. Hello, can you recommend me a photographer and a videographer worth P10k and less? thanks 🙂

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