10 Best Ideas for your Butterfly Themed Party

Choosing a butterfly theme for your party can both be refreshing and dramatic. The debutante is similar to the butterfly in the sense that a debutante goes through changes in her life that are similar to the metamorphosis that takes place when a caterpillar changes to a butterfly. The debutante now becomes a woman.  She is now all grown up and ready to take on the world.  Just like the butterfly, she has grown beautiful wings that will help her reach her dreams.  Butterflies are very interesting creatures.  Similarly, there are a lot of things you can do to make this theme interesting and memorable.


  1. Make your invites the shape of a butterfly to give the guests an inkling on what exciting things are in store for your party.
  2. Infuse excitement into the wording by incorporating a statement such as  “I’ve matured and am beginning to set out on my own life’s adventure.”.   “I have grown beautiful wings that will help me reach my dreams.  Please come and watch me fly!”


      3.  Garden venues are perfect for butterfly theme because you can play around with the use of butterflies, flowers and other butterfly-inspired materials for your decorations.


4.  You can turn an indoor venue into a magical space with the right decorations. Enhance the theme by crafting paper butterflies, attaching them to nylon threads, and suspending them from the ceiling, creating the illusion of real butterflies gracefully fluttering throughout the venue.


5.  The butterfly possesses strikingly beautiful splashes of colors on its wings.  Similarly a debutante walking down the stage with her elegant gown and natural beauty can be likened to butterfly taking flight.  Make flowers and butterflies as your inspiration in picking out the perfect gown.  You can also create butterfly wings for you to wear on your grand entrance.  To turn it up a notch, have a butterfly release on your grand entrance.   It would surely be an awesome sight to behold once you walk on the stage with your spectacular gown and those elegant wings.

Party favors

6.  Souvenirs can be made out of preserved butterfly wings that are laminated. You could also go for the butterfly book marker or crystallized pen holders (look for affiliate marketing here)

7.  For other party favors, you can have edibles (candies, gummy bears, chocolates, etc) wrapped in japanese paper made to look like a butterfly’s wings.

8.   You can also have soaps, candles, lotions, perfume (cologne) that have a sweet scent which I’m sure butterflies love.

9.   Another party favor that is very promising is giving away flower seeds.  Put in a word like “Please plant these seeds and take care of it.”  or something like  “Thank you for coming into my life.  May you continue to take care of me just like you would with these flower seeds. ”

10.   You can also hire a face painter that will paint butterflies, flowers on the faces of your guests so that they can have their pictures taken on a cool butterfly inspired backdrop with their beautiful butterfly face paint.  The photobooth (pictures) can serve as your party favor too.

Remember that in order to utilize this theme to its full extent,  you should embody the butterfly and everything that it stands for.   Life, love and happiness.

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74 thoughts on “10 Best Ideas for your Butterfly Themed Party

  1. Omg! Thank you so much!! 🙂 it helped a lot!!

    by the way’ do you know any invitation designs that would be great for a butterfly theme?
    because i can’t find any and i wanted to make one but idk how.. so if you have any suggestions, or examples that you could
    share.. that would be really nice.. thank you 🙂

  2. hi. im planning to celebrate my debut next month and i chose a butterfly themed party. any suggestions about the cake?ty.

  3. Hi Tinay,

    You can have a small cake on top and then lots of individual mini butterfly cupcakes around it. We have some pictures of butterfly-inspired cakes on our facebook page. Click here. Hope this helps.

  4. haie po.. i want to ask if what will be the best theme for my debut next month..? i want a theme that is not too expensive, not for my part but to the part of my guests.. i want a theme that simple but memorable.. a theme that my guests wont complain about the costumes that they are going to wear.. i want to ask also if what will be the best gifts away for my guests in connection of my theme..? what color is best for my theme..? and what will be the best dresses do i need to wear for my debut party..? thanks and god bless..

  5. Hi Sheil,

    Your questions boil down to what theme you like first. There are lots of themes that are not that expensive on the part of your guests. For instance, in a black and white party you could have them wear a black dress or cocktail which I’m sure every girl has, and white polo for the guys. Also in a butterfly theme, you could ask them to wear any colored dress or cocktail and polo. Anything but black. So, first things first. Decide on your theme first. What you like or love best because this will be easier for you to plan. And then the rest will follow. Happy planning.

  6. haie debut ideas… ahmp.. actually, i love to have butterfly or a fairy theme.. but,,,.. i don’t have any idea what are my guests are going to wear.. for the girls.. and specially for the boys,,,…what would be the boys’ attire for neither butterfly theme or a fairy theme.. and for the girls, what dresses are they going to wear, that is not too hassle and too expensive for them..? my mom wont allow me or my guests to wear any dresses that colored as black..

  7. Hello! I’ve been thinking of a butterfly-themed debut. But I want to have some other options similar to this. can you suggest some? thank you!

  8. hi’ i just want to ask if what is a good color that goes with red for a butterfly theme’ thank you.

  9. Hi Yan,

    A fairy-themed birthday celebration can be a good option if you are into the the cutesy outdoorsy themes 🙂

  10. Hello! What is the best debut cake design and unique giveaways for this theme? I really love this theme but I don’t know what design of cake will I follow and what giveaways will I give ’cause I don’t like that my giveaways are very common. Please help me…..

  11. Hi Candy,

    We have here some picture inspiration of cake design for a butterfly theme. click here. For giveaways, you can have butterfly shaped chocolates, candies on a box with butterfly ribbons, cupcake with butterfly frosting or candy melts designs, butterfly cellphone trinkets or cellphone holders, preserved butterfly paperweights or bookmarks, etc. Hope this helps.

  12. Hi Janine,

    Your invites are really pretty and knowing that you did it yourself makes it all the more special. We’re glad to be a part of this once in a lifetime event in your life. May we post your invite pics on our facebook page? We will give you credit and all. This will really help debutantes out there in making their invites.

  13. Hello? Im thinking of lavender and red for my motif’ on my debut but im having trouble about the table setting and how I organize it..
    So, I just want your opinion if lavender and red looks good together for a butterfly theme and I want to ask if what is a good color that goes with red (b/c its my fav. color) for a butterfly theme debut party (if lavender won’t work with it)… Hope you reply back! thanks

  14. Hello? Im thinking of lavender and red for my motif’ on my debut but im having trouble about the table setting and how I organize it..
    So, I just want your opinion if lavender and red looks good together for a butterfly theme.. Hope you reply back! thanks

  15. hi! i’m planning for my daughter’s debut party this coming september 2011. the color motif i had in mind is teal or turquiose. can you please suggest what color would best combine to this and is it okay for a butterfly theme party? thanks much and Godbless!

  16. Hello,
    I was just wondering if what would be my guests will wear with the butterfly theme. Thanks 🙂

  17. Hi Karen Brigette,

    Your guests need not adhere to the theme, but if you want it to be sort of a “costume party butterfly theme”, I suggest you tel your guests to wear something glittery. Or if not, make sure to have glitters on their faces — a sparkling face paint will do! Maybe you can hire a face painter in the venue itself and have him paint butterflies on your guests’ faces. you have to notify your guests though about this. You can also ask your female guests to wear butterfly wings if they have the resources.

    Hope this helps!

  18. Hello! I will be having my debut this September ang I want a Buterfly theme party. What motif would i choose for these theme? and for my guests? what they would be wearing? thankyou

  19. Hi Aria,

    Since butterflies are celebrated as having vibrant colors, your party should be tastefully colorful. The colorful the better. Take inspiration on this picture from our album in our facebook page. Fairy’s Dream. Ask the guests to wear any color they want but if you’re going for a more formal look, opt for black tie for guys and chiffon dresses for females. Hope this helps.

  20. Hello! Can I request for a Fire and Ice theme? Wala po kasi dito eh. Hope you can also include it here. Thanks. 🙂

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