Deck the Halls with Birthday + Holiday Cheers!

The Christmas Season is a time for merriment and so is your birthday. However, having your birthday during this time of year can have its disadvantages most especially when it comes to the gifts department. Your parents, ninongs and ninangs have probably always given you one gift that is both for your birthday and for Christmas, which isn’t cool especially when you were just a kid. Now that you have grown a little wiser, more accepting and appreciative, you’ve let this thing slide. You have learned to accept this simple fact of life.

But now, your 18th birthday is coming up, a dilemma surfaces once again. Throwing a party in December is just so confusing. You don’t know if you are just going to embrace the season or deviate from it altogether. And of course, you want the perfect theme to incorporate on your memorable debut party, which is why you need to make a good decision.

Celebrating your birthday in December has its pros and cons. Embracing the season of Christmas as your theme for your debut party has the disadvantage of confusing your guests on what party they are at. They might think it is a family christmas party of some sort and you, the debutante, the star of this party, might just get lost in all the revelry that this season brings. On the other hand, it will save you from added cost in decorations as usually venues are heavily adorned with Christmas decorations this time of year. So why not embrace the season’s festive ambiance and put on your Christmas cheer!

How to take advantage of the season to celebrate your birthday

Christmas themed debut partyDecor. Decorating your venue is such a breeze during this season. The main thing you should have on your stage or any area near the stage is the christmas tree for you to have a Christmas Theme. Go crazy on the color motif that you want in decorating your Christmas tree and around the venue. The good thing now is that red is not just the only color of choice for a Christmas theme. When you go to the malls, you can see lots of different hues that are just so amazingly beautiful. There are hues of old rose, deep purple, violet, emerald greens, white, silver, all shiny and glittery. Pick one color motif and go with it.

The Christmas tree is important because this will be the focal point on your stage in order to convey your Christmas Theme. It will also be important later on because it is where your 18 treasures/gifts will symbolically place their gifts for you after they make their speech on stage. With your chosen color motif, decorate Christmas wreaths adorned with candles at the center as a centerpiece for your guests’ table instead of the usual flower arrangement, and the wreaths, minus the candles, would work well as a decor for the walls of the venue too.

If you are going for a sort of WINTER WONDERLAND effect, go for white and silver colors for your decorations. Have a white christmas tree instead of the green one. Gather dead tree branches and spray paint them white and silver. This will serve as your center table pieces and also as a decoration in your stage. Sprinkle styrofoam snow on the stage to create a white carpet for you to walk on.

You can also have a SANTA’S TOY FACTORY theme where different toys are scattered at the stage area.

Fill your venue with candy canes of different color for a CANDY CANE CHRISTMAS debut party.

For a FILIPINO CHRISTMAS feel, hang parol made of capiz and other indigenous materials. Sing Filipino christmas carols and have a cart for bibingka and puto bumbong.

If you are into ballet, why not have The NUTCRACKER theme and dress yourself with a ballet fairy outfit. You could also have Christmas ANGELS AND FAIRIES incorporated in your party to make it whimsical and magical.

DRESS: For a winter wonderland theme, your gown can be in a silver and bluish hue, a full length ball gown with a detachable elegant cape. Your guests will be in awe at the sight of a glowing ice princess right before their very eyes. Why not try a ballet princess for a NUTCRACKER theme. How about a Christmas fairy dress to go with your beautiful face painting. Adorn your hair with flowers of your motif, all glittery and bright.

PARTY FAVORS: For a Christmas theme, try small snow globes, snowfrost keychain, reindeer headbands, christmas tree shaped green coated chocolates, cupcakes with green frosting and multicolored M&Ms, candy canes, gift baskets with Filipino delicacies like bibingka and puto bumbong, Christmas mini-lanterns, Christmas-inspired figurines (angels, christmas tree, Santa, baby Jesus, etc).


Instead of a gifts table, your guests will be placing their gifts under the Christmas tree.

You can place mistletoes everywhere and anyone who stands below it will hug and say Merry Christmas to one another.

Have a huge Santa’s sleigh or a huge gift box for your debutante’s chair.

For your grand entrance, have a functional Santa’s sleigh to be pulled by your friends with reindeer headbands. I’m sure your guests will never mistake this party for a simple christmas party with that grand entrance.

Embracing the Christmas season on your 18th birthday party is going to be fun and exciting. Your guests won’t definitely mistake your 18th birthday party as christmas celebration. In fact, your guests will be able to remember that you have celebrated your birthday on the same month when our Savior was born.

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5 thoughts on “Deck the Halls with Birthday + Holiday Cheers!

  1. hi debut having my debut on december? what theme should i go? i cant decide well. can you help me pls. thnkyou!

  2. hi! ill be celebrating my debut on 12th of november. What theme can you suggest since it’s christmas season? And also, what 18s can i have? im thinking of having 18 roses, candles, gifts and thousands. but im not sureif it will still fit the theme. thanks so much!

  3. Hi Nikka,

    Your theme does not have to depend on the season on which your birthday lies. You have to think of what theme you really want, as well as if your resources and budget can fit it. But since you suggested that it’s Christmas season, well you can have a festive celebration like maybe a Circus themed birthday party (or Perya theme – local version) or even a Christmas-themed debut. As for the 18s, I suggest you don’t organize more than 3 18s because there is a great chance of your guests becoming bored, unless you make the program interesting enough for them to stay tuned. For Christmas, you can have 18 Wreaths, 18 Days of Christmas (your friends will give you a gift depending on what number they are given. for example Friend#1 is the 1st one to speak, she can give you A Hamster in a White Cage while your Friend#2 who is the last one to speak can give you 18 Cute Trinkets, etc. They can pattern their gift titles on the song 12 Days of Christmas) and 18 Carols (your friends will serenade you with joyful songs or Christmas songs that they modified to fit their message).

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  4. Im thinking about 18 mistletoes(roses), 18 candles, 18 gifts, 18 thousands. Can you replace them with better terms thatwould fit mytheme?

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