10 Unconventional Party Ideas!

DEBUTS have become such an important part of a girls coming of age because not only does it celebrate the moment we become adults, it also is a chance for us to show people our individuality, and the image we want to project. The parties you give, be it big or intimate, shows a lot about who you are, and how you think the world looks at you.

Everyone wants to have a party that rocks or at least remembered. So do you want your debut to be really memorable? Make it unconventional! Debuts don’t have to be always as formal as your Juniors-Seniors Prom. Besides, you’re also celebrating your 18th birthday party, so why don’t you make it into something you will truly enjoy? Here are just some of the coolest ideas to consider in place of your usual formal cotillions, candles and roses.

Foam/Bubble Parties

If you and your friends love to dance, foam creates that wild and exciting atmosphere for a great bash. Tip: Too expensive? No worries. Create your own bubbles. If your parents and guests aren’t too conservative, you can still keep that program of yours. You can still dance with the 18 men in your life through the foam and in place of the candles for your 18 girlfriends you can do something like 18 Bubbles where they blow a bubble after wishing you good luck.

Costume Party

A talked-about party is not always about the host. If you want yours to be memorable, make it interactive by making your guests part of the show too! Get your friends to talk about your party weeks before the event itself. Ask your friends to come in costumes and be surprised at how fun it is to see everyone dress up as characters and celebrities. Tip: Make it worth your guests’ while, let your friends know that awards (gift certificates from spas and salons, or tickets to a concert if you feel generous)will be given to those who sport the best costume. This way your friends are challenged to look for the most unique costume, therefore making your party more interesting!

80’s Party

Blast from the past and ask everyone to be in 80’s attire. 80’s clothing trends are now in style so though your theme is not new, you’d be on top of a trend. Tip: Hire a great band that specializes in 80’s music. Get ready to boogie on down!

Grammy Awards Night

Get everyone to wear formal and make your friends feel like celebrities by having people stand as paparazzis as people enter. Design your location into a formal theatre. Give out fun awards (best “friend”, best male dancer, etc) Tip: Want to create the best cinematic atmosphere? There are theaters that allow you to rent out one of its cinemas just for parties and events like these.

Casino Party

What a great way to celebrate your adulthood than to play something only adults supposedly are allowed to play. Set up poker tables and prepare fake casino chips allotted for each guest for them to play with. Tips: you can give out finger foods and “cocktail” drinks (juices and softdrinks in wine glasses:) to add to the atmosphere. Put up redemption centers for those who want to “cash-in” their chips.

Pool party / Beach party / Luau

Have fun with the summer sun and enjoy a relaxing party at the pool or beach. Hold beach games and serve barbequed food and refreshing fruit shakes. You can even opt to ask people to come in Hawaian outfits. Tips: Set up your stereo with some relaxing tunes everyone can either relax, dance or sing to. Music creates the atmosphere here so make sure your guests are enjoying it.

Kiddie Party

Are you the fun and playful type? Hold a birthday party at Mcdonalds or Jollibee and bring out the child in everyone. Hold childish parlor games like palayok, pabitin and trip to Jerusalem games. Bring out great childhood memories with mascots like Ronald Mcdonald or even Jollibee himself. Tips: To add to the atmoshphere, hire magicians, clowns and balloon twisters. Rent out “dirty” ice cream trolleys, cotton candy machines and give it out to guests for FREE! People will surely love your party. If your friends are fun and cooperative enough, you can even ask them to come in kiddie clothes. In place of your program you can do something like 18 Ice Cream Toasts or 18 Balloons where balloons are popped after your friends address their little speeches for you.

Virtual Reality Party

Wouldn’t it be nice to step into an alternate dimension for your party? Transform your party venue into a vibrant digital realm, with neon lights and holographic decorations creating an otherworldly atmosphere. Rent VR headsets for the event or ask guests to bring their own if they have them. As guests don their VR headsets, they are transported to magical landscapes and futuristic realms, where they can embark on thrilling adventures or engage in friendly multiplayer competitions. With a blend of cutting-edge technology and teenage zest, this VR-themed party promises an unforgettable journey beyond the ordinary, where the virtual and the real mix to provide you and your guests an amazing experience.

Silent Disco

Throw a silent disco party where everyone wears headphones, and the music is transmitted through them. It creates a unique and amusing experience for both participants and onlookers.

Rollerskates Party

Get ready to roll into a world of fun.. literally. With this roller skates soiree, the venue is transformed into a retro roller rink, with disco balls casting shimmering lights across the floor. Neon-colored streamers and funky decorations add a touch of ’80s flair. As guests arrive, they’re handed colorful roller skates. Play upbeat music that sets the perfect rhythm for your guests to spin and dance to, allowing them to show off their best moves. A designated area for beginners ensures everyone can join in the fun while maintaining safety. The celebration is a nostalgic blend of retro charm and teenage energy, promising an unforgettable night on wheels for you and your guests to experience.


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100 thoughts on “10 Unconventional Party Ideas!

  1. Hi, my party is on November 5 already. I’ve planned on having a bathing suit party and bought flip flops for my invites, and that my guests should only wear black or white swimming attires. Is that a good idea? What should I wear for my party? Hope you could help me.

  2. Hi Joie,

    I’m assuming this is a pool party right? Your idea is cool btw but I guess it will be hard to find only black and white swimsuits for your guests so it might be hard for them to adhere to your theme. Also for those self-conscious guests, they might not want to wear only swimsuits. An alternative for this is having a Bohemian inspired pool party. That way, for those who are confident to wear only swimsuits may do so and others may don on maxi dresses on top of their swimsuits for the duration of the program. click here for pictures. Hope this helps.

  3. hi Abby,

    A beauty pageant theme with yellow as color motif would be a good one. Spongebob, however, would not fit in. Beauty pageants are all about glamour and beauty which is what you are to become… a beautiful lady. My suggestion is to just stick with that. Take inspiration from designs of pageant programs for your stage and invites. For 18s, you can have 18 scepters for 18 roses, 18 crowns or 18 sparkles for 18 candles, and 18 awards for 18 gifts or treasures. Hope this helps.

  4. Hi Steph (stephanie_blue19@yahoo.com),

    You can visit this page for our database of themes http://debutideas.com/?cat=5
    That’s what we have for now but we’re planning to expand that! =)

    Our Debut Technical Script — http://debutideas.com/?p=979
    And the usual flow / program of debut parties — http://debutideas.com/?p=48

    From these basics, you can innovate and tweak them so that you’ll have a very unique party. Choose a debut party theme first and see how you can get everything blended in.

    Happy planning!

  5. hello. Im having my debut on December and i’m planning it to be in Hollywood theme. Can you suggest appropriate words that could replace the usual 18roses,18candles,18treasures gifts and 18shots Hoping to have your reply soon. Thank you so much

  6. hi debut ideas! i will be having my party this year and i’m thinking of a japanese themed party. could you please suggest any souvenirs that are inexpensive? and ideas for my 18s would really help.i don’t want to stick to the traditional roses or candles. also, the debuts i have attended have long programs and the guests leave immediately afterwards.any ideas on how i can make my guests stay?without those drinking sessions? hope to hear from you soon! thank you!!:)

  7. my debut will be on dec. 3 or dec. 11 (depends upon the venue) and i still don’t have a theme or motif color. if its on december 11 it will be a garden venue, what do you think is good for that? i opt for the butterfly theme but i still don’t know what colors to use. we are on a tight budget too. HELP. I AM SERIOUSLY FREAKING OUT.

  8. hi πŸ™‚ im planning to have a pink and black zebra themed party, it really fits my personality πŸ™‚ any suggestions for this ? πŸ˜‰ THANKS !

  9. Hi Aia!

    That’s a cool theme! Black + pink is a very popular combination nowadays and animal prints are also very “in”. I have this impression that you want a sort of kikay jungle theme for your party. Maybe you can ask your guests to wear animal prints. Zebra will serve as the Queen of your jungle so it’s like the queen has called its people to come and celebrate with her. Your theme is fun and cool and sophisticated at the same time. Why sophisticated? Because only a few people can pull off wearing animal prints! I suggest that you include another supporting color (not just pink and black) because if you only have pink and black, that would be too insistent. You can add white for instance, to sort of neutralize and relax the eye and just make pink and black your highlights.

    Hope this helps and happy birthday! πŸ™‚

  10. THANKS a lot πŸ˜› ur right, a really love that colors πŸ™‚ hmm, any replacement for the traditional 18’s ? πŸ™‚ im planning to call my party “the pink diva party” πŸ™‚ is that cool ? πŸ™‚

  11. hi debut ideas.. πŸ™‚ i’m having a hard time in choosing the theme for my debut. I was thinking about combining masquerade and runway inspired theme..but i don’t know how. I’ll be having my debut on hotel rembrandt it will be on february and my color motif will be red. Can you please give me more suggestion on how can i make my party more lively and fun at the same time? And what words can replace 18roses, 18gifts, and 18candles.. Do you think i can add 18catwalks? Is it a good idea? And can you please give me suggestions on how can i decorate the place? And invites.. Thanks πŸ™‚

  12. Hi Smiles,

    Yes, the butterfly theme would be perfect for a garden venue. Butterfly colors are very cute and dainty, and practically any color would work. You can have the orange shades, blues of different hues, purple and pinks, etc. the possibilities are endless. Happy Birthday Smiles!

  13. Hi Marie,

    You can take inspiration from our article Zen Theme on how to pull off a japanese inspired theme party. For your 18s, you may try 18 lotuses for 18 roses (for props, you may have origami lotuses as real lotuses may be expensive) or 18 cherry blossoms (for props too, you can substitute white small malaysian mums). For 18 candles, you can have 18 lanterns and for 18 treasures/gifts, try having 18 bento boxes, 18 origamis (18s will read a note written on their folded paper.. it may be a greeting or something to describe their gift to you) or 18 bonsais (these are expensive though) and instead of them giving you a gift, you will give them these bonsais as a token for being a special part of your life. Having a maximum of three or four 18s is necessary if you want to keep your audience staying until the end of your party. Ask your 18s to keep their speech short but meaningful. For the dances, limit it to 30 seconds per person. Games almost always keep parties lively so you may add games to your program, spacing them out appropriately. Hope this helps. Happy Birthday Marie!

  14. Hi Hannah,

    Sorry for not replying sooner. I would think by this time you already have a theme.. If you went through with the rocker chic theme, that’s fine even if you are not a rocker yourself. It will depend on the type of music that you will be playing and the outfits that you asked your guests to be in. Maybe combining it with a rave theme will actually do the trick. You can still wear a ball gown for your grand entrance. What you can do is have separates like a bustier top to combine with a long hoop skirt for the grand entrance and then the bustier top and a cute skirt (more comfortable) for the rest of the evening. Hope this helps.

  15. Hi debut ideas. I’m planning to celebrate my debut. And it’s gonna be this March 5, 2011 already. I still don’t have any theme in mind. But as much as possible, I want it to be some sort of fairytale/princess inspired. Would it match if I’ll have my gown colored blue? Baby or Royal Blue?

    As for the location, we already have that.The thing is, would caterers allow us to just rent tables and chairs without the food servings? Because my mom would want to cook the food herself. And will the caterers shoulder the decoration of the tables and chairs?

    Can you help me please? thanks.

  16. Hi Jhoana Rose,

    Yes powder or baby blue would be perfect for a princess theme and that would be a great theme to have. Of course every girl dreams of being a princess even for one night. For the catering dilemma, I doubt if a caterer would want to cater without showcasing their food. I think what you can do is to ask them if they are willing to rent out their equipment like chaffing dishes, plates, silverware, etc. You can also ask some party decorators click here for list if they would be able to do that for you and then your mom will take care of the food. If not, then I think you need to just rent tables and chairs and chaffing dishes (to heat the food) separately. Hope all is well with your party planning.

  17. helo .. can u help me of thinking a theme , i want it to be unique but not too expensive ,
    my favorte color is sky blue .. I want it to be fun and not totally formal and not so social , i want all my guests would enjoy it ..
    can u give me some ideas ! do you think chinese inspired would be great ?

  18. Hi Joy,

    Chinese inspired theme are usually colored themed and they usually combine the colors red and gold. So if your thinking of Chinese inspired, these are the colors you should pick. For sky blue color, I’m thinking of something summery, the beach or anything outdoorsy. You may want to also look into that. This theme would be informal and totally fun. You may ask your guests to wear comfortable sundresses or maxi dresses for the girls and khaki and white polo shirt for the males. Hope this helps.

  19. hi!my daughter is turning 18 next year.been thinking of a unique theme for her party.a friend suggested to make it a latin since my daughter wants to wear a red gown..can you help me??tnx.

  20. Hi Marie,

    Latin is a pretty interesting theme. Your daughter will need to learn some serious dance moves though as Latin encompasses vivacious dance moves that is so interesting to watch. Although Latin themes are known for its eye-popping colors, the color red is the most popular color for it and would go well with a Latin theme. Happy planning.

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