A Casino Night 18th Birthday Party

Now that you are turning 18 you are legally allowed to enter a casino. However, why go through all the bother of spending money that you may not see again forever? Instead have your 1 night of fun in casino by having your own Casino Night for your party.


It’s a High Stakes Party

For your Casino Night, you can use playing cards as your invitation. Use the box of the deck of cards as the envelope and put your invitation inside.

You can also send out black paper invites for an Underground Casino Night and inside place some fake coin chips to let your guests know what the theme of the party is all about.

Let the Games Begin!


To complete the look of your Casino Party, scatter some playing cards on each table, some paper money, plastic coin chips and dice. For something a little less but still dramatic, get huge glass dices and surround them with candles.

Use black, red and white table cloths to represent the different colors of a card. If you prefer something a little more subtle, use a white table cloth and glue some of the different card faces in each one. Make sure that the drawings are huge so it can make a statement.

Set up a “bank” where guests can get paper money for them to play. Around the venue, set up different gaming tables like a poker table or blackjack table. You can also set up popular card games that are non-gambling types like bingo.

You can also set up a small area where guests can have their pictures taken. On this area, line it up with black and red balloons with huge dollar or peso signs on it.

Casinos are all about bright lights so do not forget to surround the area with colorful lights that is reminiscent of a casino in Las Vegas or Macau.

Dress to Impress

Casinos always prefer their guests to dress to impress which should also be the case for your Casino-theme party. Have your guests come in their best formal attire that is fit for a night out in town!  Guests can also come in wearing a uniform of a dealer, as an entertainer in a Casino or any Casino-inspired costume.

To get a feel of the party, request that your servers be dress in costume to a red vest with black bow tie.

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10 thoughts on “A Casino Night 18th Birthday Party

  1. Or i just saw your Casino themed party. I liked it alot since I’m from macau. But how do i set up the place if ever it is in a resort. Sorry if i’m so indecisive,….please choose one for me. 🙂 month of january(3rd week)

  2. Hi Debut Ideas!
    Can you reply to my email message because I really need your help.
    I would like to ask if what is the great theme to celebrate my 18th birthday?
    I hope you could reply here or at my email message.


  3. Hi Angel,

    Since you are holding your debut party in the province, I don’t suggest a Casino themed party. As you’ve said, you wouldn’t know all your guests and you definitely wouldn’t know too if they can relate to your theme. Just choose something universally understood like the beach / tropical themed celebration or a fairytale theme.

    Hope we have helped in any way 🙂

  4. thanks for making me realize that earlier…so another question, so if it’s a fairytale theme, what games or any form of entertainment (besides singing and dancing) can i provide my guest so they won’t get bored and keep on socializing.???


  5. Hi Angel,

    As a form of entertainment, usually singing and dancing is already okay. If you want to bring it up a notch, how about an aerial acrobat show in a fairies costume. That would be totally cool because it would look like the fairies are flying. You can put games in your program to make it more lively and to encourage audience participation. click here for sample games. Hope this helps.

  6. Hi I’m planning to have a casino theme party, but I’m wondering what should be my giveaways that resembles the kind of theme I want. Can you give me an idea of what kind of giveaways should i have? thanks 😉

  7. Hi LA,

    Maybe you can give away some miniature fruits that resemble the fruits you see in a slot machine!

    Then attach a tag with a picture of a slot machine and with it your name and debut details. Like in this picture, instead of “Super SLOTS” photoshop it and place your name as the title of the slot machine. Then just be creative with the rest 😀

    Hope this helps!

  8. hi! 🙂 i’m planning to have this theme for my debut but i’m wondering of what kind of outfit should i wear so i can stand out. hope you can help. 🙂 thank you> 🙂

  9. Hi Rochelle,

    You can stand out not just with the outfit you wear but also with how you carry it. Wear what you feel like wearing for your debut birthday party and you will definitely have the confidence you need to stand out! It’s a bonus if you have some friends who have the passion for fashion and style to help you out. Unless you ask your guests to wear a particular color so you can stand out in another one, you should be creative and imaginative in coming up with something very unique.

    Happy Birthday and hope this helps!

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