Aphrodite’s Night–A Greek Mythology-Inspired Debut Party

By:  IloveAsya

What else can be the best excuse for your guest to bow down to your beauty? My suggestion is to enjoy your own Aphrodite’s Night.

It’s your only 18th birthday where you feel extremely beautiful so feel free to transform that night into your fabulous Greek mythology memoir.

Here how to quickly kick it off.

On Invites
• Living with digital age comes innovative ways sending an invite. Although a hard copy of the invitation is crucial, you may want to send an E-vite through your E-mail.
• You can use a parchment paper or old paper to match the theme, and input your photo in an Aphrodite costume to indicate details of your debut. You may include photos of Greek columns, other gods and cupid to add on the design ( but if you need help on this just inquire on us for design options )
• Don’t forget to include in the invitations that they should be in White gown / Greek inspired look.

On Venue / Food

• For not so formal gathering of Debut you may want to inquire with CYMA restaurant as they have this perfect Greek Ambiance.
• For the rest, a garden might be a nice feel but I still suggest a closed ballroom area of a hotel
• Here is a list of some common Greek food: Olives, Eggplant dip, honey, seafood, hummus dip, lamb, baklava, Greek liquor Ouzo, Greek coffee . For more information on food, check out this web site: http://greekfood.about.com/. For beverages, purchase Greek wine or beer.

Venue Decorations

• Put lots of candles, glitter, and gold all over the place.
• You may roll gold ribbon around the napkins for sparkles
• Add up a bowl per table that has fruits on it
• Download or buy music for background
• Don’t ever forget leafy arrangements
• An antique or Harp instrument can give your venue an extra umph! –if you can even hire a harp player then it will make the night more greekish

• As guests enter, let them sign not in your guest book but a Grecian-inspired freedom wall to serve as your guest book. You can actually use a tarpaulin for this.
• If for some reason the guests are not in proper outfit, you may distribute crowns of golden or green leaves for their head dress.
• For your grand entrance, begin with a nice Greek ancient song, the host advice your mortals (a.k.a. guests) to bow down to your beauty. Walk with ease towards your grand stage as your young elegant cousins throw petals on the floor as you come in.
• Start with a meditative prayer
• Your host then greets everyone in Greek language then translates in English to announce dinner is finally served
• Feast yourselves with Greek buffet or meal as waiters dressed in Greek inspired uniforms come your way.
• Halfway mealtime, A harp player can be hired as entertainment.
• Instead of 18 candles, you may call it 18 torches. *** Torch lighting ceremony
Like the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, your candle bearer needs to be involved. Give the first guest a
Hand torch and ask him/her to say a few words before handing the torch over to another guest. The last guest lights the 18 torches.
• Do a neat wine toasting for a new you/
• Instead of 18 roses, you can call it 18 dance with your Spartans
At the end of the dance all 18 men will shout “awooo awooo awoo” just like the Spartans movie
• Instead of 18 gifts, you can call them 18 jewels


• I suggest you give out a cologne which you call your own goddess scent.
• Miniature pillows
• Personalized stem flutes
• Special drinking glass
• Personalized miniature special drinking glass
• Scented candles sprinkled with gold glitter or adorned with golden leaves (just like the Ivy Wreath head piece used by the Greeks of the past)
• Peronalized golden picture frames
• Any unique item you choose then spray painted with gold and silver

Element of Surprise / Games
• Print out a list of the Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses and what they each ruled over and make it into a quiz. Ask guests to match up the god or goddess with their power
• And here’s more to end your party with a bang… outrageous Idea – Collect a bunch of cheap dishes and some Greek music. Toward the end of the evening, play the music and invite guests to throw the dishes, break them and yell Opa! As a symbol of new beginnings–not to mention a great stress reliever!

Hope this helps and we shall be looking forward you’ll be sharing your Greek party pictures on our site pretty soon.

64 thoughts on “Aphrodite’s Night–A Greek Mythology-Inspired Debut Party

  1. Hi debut ideas!

    I really find your ideas very creative and magical:)) So, I’m planning to celebrate my 18th (this April- Aphrodite’s month XD) with a Grecian theme almost like the one you have here. The thing is, I really have no idea how to make the budget plan for this. Also, I’m having a hard time looking for a perfect resort in or around Muntinlupa.

    I really need help. :)) I want this to be a dream (a dream since childhood) come true…:|
    THANK YOU!!!:))


  2. Hi Shigemi,

    The budget is really up to you and your parents. It all depends on what you want your party to have. We have a party budget planner that might help you for that. There are so many things there that you may or may not need. You may not need a photographer because an uncle or a friend will probably take care of that for you so you can leave that box out. Some you may do it yourself but you will still need some materials for that so add a budget for that as well. For other boxes you may need to hire professional help, so put a price on that as well. It all depends on a debutante’s needs for her party. The planner is just there as a guide. Click here for Debut Ideas party budget planner hope this helps.

  3. itatanong ko lng po kung ano po ang magandang color n gawing theme sa debut? ksi balak ko po sanang gawing greek inspired ung debut ko….. thanks…

  4. Hi Athena,

    You can go for white and gold, since it’s Greek inspired. pwede mo rin lagyan ng konting silver accent 🙂

  5. hello,i’d be celebrating my debut this June and I find this theme interesting, and so i decided I’d celebrate it with this theme, I just want to ask where can i download greek music for my entrance? and will you help me find a design for my invitation? THANK YOU VERY MUCH. <3

  6. Good choice, Maggie!

    You can always get Greek music from the Internet. Just search for Greek music and it will give you hundreds of choices. However, if you don’t have the time to look for music individually why not check out the sound track of some great Greek or Greek-inspired movies like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, My Life in Ruins or Clash of the Titans.

    For your invitations, it is important that it let your guests know immediately what the theme for your party is. Place a picture of Mount Olympus on front of the invitation, with columns or wreaths. This will immediately let them know what your party is all about. You can also roll your invitation like a scroll and tie it with twin or rope. Make sure to burn some of the edges to make it look old and important.

    If you want something a little bit more elegant, choose a great picture of Aphrodite and use Old English text on your invitations.

    You may also like to use phrases like “the might goddess, Aphrodite, summons you to a…” or something like “Pay your respects to the Goddess of Love and Beauty” just to give that feel of authenticity. Hope this helps!

  7. hell,i’ll be having my debut party this november. i would like to ask what will be the best costume or what will the boys wear that night if i will have this kind of theme? pls reply asa

  8. Hi Erika,

    For your male guests, maybe you can have them wear Toga (this is a very simple outfit)
    Or if they’re game, maybe something like this!

    or an Emperor outift just like this

    Hope you got the idea!

    Have a happy 18th birthday party!

  9. What would be the attire for guys? Because my male friends are complaining about the costume. Please help.

  10. Hi Eds,

    You know those simple and comfortable embroidered polo shirts that men wear in Greece (or in any other part of the globe actually) especially during summer? Maybe they can wear those. It’s better if they come in white to make it thematic. Something like this:

    I can’t find the right image but look at the embroidery on the blouse here cause I think this design is what i was looking for on a summer polo:

    And for their pants, just wear khaki – as long as it is not maong or black pants. Beige pants will look good with this. Think ‘light’!

    And since the Grecian theme allows you to be more comfortable – in terms of footwear — they can wear something like this on their feet:

    Hope this helps!

  11. OMGOSH. your site is definitely is a-must bookmarked! (:
    I’ll be 18th next year but somehow now im trying to find what theme i really want.
    This one is nice.

  12. Hi Keilah,

    Thanks for the compliment! We love the Greek-inspired theme too 🙂 There are more debut themes that are running through our minds as of the moment and there is nothing we desire than to help you girls plan your 18th birthday celebration. Happy planning!


  13. This is a beautiful invitation that can fit with the Grecian theme! It’s a scroll encased in an intricate wirework.


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