Green Earth Theme Party

With the advent of global warming, debutantes need to be aware that a small endeavor can go a long, long way. In choosing Green Earth as a party theme, the debutante is not only getting presents for herself but she’s also giving back to our Mother Nature.

By using organic materials or “green fabric” such as hemp, organic cotton or textiles dyed with low impact dyes for her gown, the debutante is doing the environment a big favor. But aside from this, there are even more ways to have a “Green Earth” or a nature-loving feel for a debut party.

Ways to have a Green Earth Debut Party

You can have a Green Earth theme starting with your party’s venue. Look for a garden venue for your debut so that no air-conditioning is used. Not only will a garden party be favorable to our environment, it will also be economical for you and a thrilling experience for everyone.

Use recyclable materials for party favors and invites. Perhaps you can give away a notepad doubling as an invite, with your party details on the front cover. The guest can keep the cover as a remembrance, while the rest they can still re-use. Through this, you are expressing not only your request for their attendance, but also your advocacy that’s evident in your invite.

You can also ask the caterer to use only pesticide-free produce as ingredients for their menu. Ask the guests that instead of giving you a gift, they should just participate in a tree planting activity that you will organize. They can pledge a tree, or maybe offer their support and volunteer for these activities. On the other hand, you can make your debut a tree-planting activity itself. Instead of getting 18 roses from the 18 special gentlemen in your life, have them plant one tree each.

There are really many ways to create an earth-friendly debut party. Just be aware first of what’s happening with the environment right now so that you can think of what ways to help. Not only will you be throwing a one-of-a-kind party experience for your friends and family, you will also be able to start off this new phase of your life at the right foot.

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21 thoughts on “Green Earth Theme Party

  1. hello. we are planning for my debut this coming feb, but they were asking me if what theme do i like.
    i cant decide on what theme should i come up. i dont want that elegant because my visitors are just limited, what can you suggest, if my ballet friends an i will dance a ballet than a cotillion? and what venue which is cheaper. thankyou.

  2. Hi Doray,

    Since you and your friends will do a ballet number, you can have a Swan Lake theme or a Sleeping Beauty theme. The ballet dance number, by the way, is a totally great idea. It is a great way to entertain your guests and to showcase your talent at the same time. You could incorporate an all-white party with the Swan Lake theme I mentioned a while ago. You could also have a whimsical theme where you will be dressed like a fairy and have a fairies theme. For the venue, try looking at function rooms of three star hotels. They have worry-free debut packages you can choose from. Clubhouses have also cheap rentals but I think they require sponsorship. Happy scouting and Happy Birthday Doray.

  3. hi, i’m planning to have a party. But I have a problem financially on the budgeting side. do you have any ideas to make it more interesting in a low cost party? Can you suggest any themes for me? Thanks. 😉

  4. Hi Sweety,

    Determine how many guests you will be having. If you are going for a more intimate party of probably 30 to 50 people, you can hold the event in your house. This will cut your cost immensely because you don’t have to rent out a venue for your party. For food, you can have pica pica foods for a party in the afternoon. You can also provide the services of a caterer that would be able to meet your allotted budget for food. In order to make your party interesting, play a game or two or provide entertainment through videoke. I’m sure your guests would really love to sing you a song or two. You can still have a theme even for a small party. I would suggest a white party. Ask your guests to wear white to adhere to your theme. You can buy cheap white fabrics and drape them on your venue. Add some japanese white lanterns and your venue is set. After the party, you can have a slumber party with your closest girl friends. Hope this helps. Happy Birthday!

  5. hello there. wow, i am really liking your site… =))

    anyway, can you give ideas about a black-and-white themed party? 🙂

    i’ll be lokking forward to it 😛

  6. Hello Escie,

    A black and white theme for your 18th party is a great idea since it’s a classic! Meanwhile, some debutants have a black and white themed birthday party to stand out by wearing a dress with a different color.

    To add fun to your debut party, you can organize some games for your guests to participate in. Our list of fun parlour games can be found here:

    For your centerpieces, you can opt for white and black flowers, but you can also accent them with a RED flower. If you are adding an accent, RED would be the best one to do that. Or instead of flowers, you can go for shallow black bowls, with floating white candles, or instead of black bowls, you can go for a transparent one and place both black and white floating candles. With a clear bowl, you can see the effect of the black and white candles better. you can also decorate the tables with black silk cloth and scatter some white flower petals on them. You can also visit this link for some ideas:

    If you are musically inclined, you can display decorations alluding to a piano because pianos are made of black and white keys. Or if you are athletic, perhaps you can display some soccer ball decos to highlight this personality of yours.

    The attire of your guests should be strictly limited to black and white so make sure you write that important note in your birthday invites. This is actually a perfect time to let your guests dress up! But it’s up to you how formal you want your debut party to be. Dressy casual may work best. Ladies can stick with cocktail dresses and men can wear dress pants and a good-looking button-down shirt.

    Since your black and white party is an elegant event, it’s all about class — and what better symbolizes class than wines and spirits! For your birthday party souvenir, you can give away personalized mini plastic martini or champagne glasses. You can fill these glasses with noise makers, candies or black and white beads (just make sure your guests know they are actually beads so that they won’t eat them). Don’t forget to write the details of your party on the glass.

    For the flow of the program, we have articles in our Party Guide section that can help you with that:

    Hope this helps. Happy birthday and happy planning!!

  7. wow thanks for the help :))
    Actually, my birthday is a year away, but I’m planning for it already so that I’ll be more organized without being hectic :))

    about the piano thing, i might use that 🙂

    about the athletic thing… aww too bad that i play softball, not soccer 🙁

  8. Hi! It’s me again, I’ve already decided my theme for my debut, I want it to be a white party. Can you give me ideas about it? Thank you!

  9. Hi! My name is Yumi and I think that your website is really helpful :D. My 18th lands on the month of December. I know that it’s a tight month that’s why I am planning as early as now. I’ve already decided on a theme and it would be rustic vintage (think Katy Perry’s ‘Thinking of You’ video, The Notebook, Old Alice in Wonderland and the like, heehee). The biggest problem that I am encountering right now is the location. I was thinking of a warehouse for the rustic feel but the problem would be decent restrooms. So, I was wondering if you know some place that could hold my event that’s easy to transform to match my theme. Thank you very much! And also if you know any good event planners that only costs around 40k or less. 😀 I have contacted two but they haven’t replied with the packages/rates. I really hope you could help me! Thanks so much! 🙂

  10. hi. I’m planning on having a debut next year. can you please give me some ideas on the theme? i don’t want the traditional or typical debut with gowns or cocktail dresses. thanks. :))

  11. Hi, my niece will celebrate her debut party on October and she’s asking for what theme party would you suggest… She want it to be simple yet elegant. Do you have anything in mind and also please send me some sample photos of a theme party. Thank you!

  12. Hi Moti,

    Ideas on the green earth theme? our ideas are pretty much in this article 🙂

  13. Hi Anna,

    It is hard for us to suggest any theme simply because we don’t know the debutante. The theme should be able to exude the debutante’s personality. Ask the debutante what she really wants for her party. There are many themes that can be simple and elegant. It depends on your execution of the decors in the entrance, stage and table centerpieces. For me though, a simple and elegant party would be a black and white party. It is very simple and elegant at the same time. You can also have a zen-inspired or japanese inspired theme with baby pink and black as color motif or baby pink and chocolate brown. Hope this helps.

  14. Hi Yumi,

    Are you having a big event? We know one place that have that rustic feel but it may be too small — Nomnomnom in Tomas Morato. There are also many unique rustic venues you may want to explore in Cubao-X (Cubao Expo)

    Sorry for the late reply, we have been getting too many comments lately. Hope this could still help you in some way 🙂 About the event planner, you can contact (0917) 587-5250 and look for Kat. Tell her Debut Ideas referred her.

    Good day!

  15. Hello there,

    I;m having my 18th birthday a few months from now. I was thinking of having a hippie modern sort of theme where I won’t have to wear agown, just a simple chillin’ roofdeck party with lights i suppose? Can you help me find decorative materials and which food should I be preparing? 🙂 Plus I wanted to put in some reggae feel with some caribbean accents with the modern hippie. How can I do that? Any suggestions? 🙂 Thanks!

  16. Hi Bemmie,

    A Fashion Show is all about glamour, lights, camera and, of course, fashion! You can opt for an elegant, classic Fashion Show look or opt for something a little bit glitzy like the Victoria Secret runway.

    The first thing you need, of course, is a runway! You do not have to stick to just the usual long runway. You can always change it up to a different shape – V-shape, U-shape, etc. The backdrop of the runway should be the focal point of your venue so it is important that it has an impact. You can put a great, blown-up picture of yourself or your name, akin to a designer’s name on the runway. You can fill the runway with glitters, helium balloons or confetti for some added glitz.

    Place your chairs and tables around the runway so everyone has a good view of it.
    Lights are also important when it comes to a Fashion Show/Runway-inspired theme party. Use spotlights or track lights to light the runway. You can also fill the tables with candles for added illumination.
    Runway Lights
    Another great idea to increase the hype of your Fashion Show party is to place a “red carpet” area at the entrance. Have a photographer on this area so that guests coming in can stop and have their picture taken – just like in a true Fashion Show.

    Red carpetred carpet look

    If you want, you may want to set-up a corner where people can have their picture taken.Photo corner

    There are so many things that you can do to get that ambience of true fashion show. Just find inspiration from other fashion shows and you’re on your way to creating a fun and memorable party!

    Hope this helps!

  17. Hello! I really need your suggestions ASAP! I’m planning to have a voguish purple party on my upcoming debut, please do help me, thanks 🙂

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