Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Theme

Becoming 18 is like opening up a whole new adventure for you. What’s more adventurous than starting your “adult” life with a mad adventure to Wonderland? So for your 18th birthday why not be Alice and have your party in Wonderland?

Alice in Wonderland and Characters
Alice in Wonderland and Characters

Travel to the Rabbit Hole with Me!

As an invitation, you can get glass bottle with “Party with Me” on the front. Inside is a scroll that has all the information of your party – the venue, date, etc.

Another great idea is to have big invitations shaped like playing cards. Inside you can write “Meet Me in Wonderland”. You can also send out invitations shaped-like a pocket watch with the writing “Do not be late to a very important date” just like what the White Rabbit keeps on saying.

Mad hatter tea party invite
Mad hatter tea party invite

What to Wear

Make sure you inform your guests to wear their Alice in Wonderland inspired costumes. There are many characters in Alice in Wonderland so your guests can pick from one of those but it is important that there is only one Alice in the party and that should be you!

Annie Leibovitz's ‘Alice in Wonderland’ inspired photo shoot - Jean Paul Gaultier; Blue silk-jersey draped dress by Gaultier Paris   (Source: Vogue Magazine)
Annie Leibovitz\’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ inspired photo shoot – Jean Paul Gaultier; Blue silk-jersey draped dress by Gaultier Paris (Source: Vogue Magazine)

Click here for Alice in Wonderland costume ideas.

Bring Your Guests to Wonderland

Why not create the same ambience when Alice joined the White Rabbit to a tea party? Instead of using small round tables, why not set up a long table where everybody can seat in one table like that of the Tea Party in Wonderland?

Replace the entry way of your venue with a small door where a waiter is waiting with small vials with the label “Drink Me” on it. The vial can be filled with water or juice. Once the guest drinks the vial then they can enter the party.

Alice-inspired birthday cake! (Source: Flickr)
Alice-inspired birthday cake! (Source: Flickr)

Decorate the table with different sizes, colors and shapes of tea pots that you can find. The teacups do not have to be a set so you can put in some mismatched teacups and saucers, some can be very large tea pot while others can be like toy tea pots.

Source: Jezebel Charms
Source: Jezebel Charms

Instead of the generic white table cloth use a checkerboard-designed table cloth instead that reaches down to the ground for more drama. For lighting, hang paper lanterns of different colors and sizes on top of your long table. Haphazardly place some pink lawn flamingos (if you can find them) around the area as well as big-size playing cards. Also, place some white and red roses on the table. If you can get any oversize props like oversize paintbrushes, tables, etc., use them for your venue. You can also make use of your trinkets to decorate your venue like mini cups and saucers, mini chest boxes, etc.

Outdoor set of the movie
Outdoor set of the movie


Alice in Wonderland movie set
Alice in Wonderland movie set

If you plan to have your party in an enclosed place, hang up different kinds of clocks all stopped at the time of your party. The chairs do not have to match as well! Place different sizes and designs of chairs so that some guests seem taller than others. However, remember to place a huge armchair at the head of the table where you will seat. Remember Wonderland is all about imagination!

Wonderland Games

Play lawn croquet. Paint the balls pink as a representation of the flamingos. You can also set up on a corner a “Decorate Your Own Tea Set” and the one who is closest to the theme wins.

Hide some very small top hats, pocket watches and the face of the Cheshire Cat grinning around the area and tell the guests to look for them. The guest with the most number of top hats and pocket watches wins. Special prizes can be given for those who find the Cheshire Cat face so make sure you make only a couple of those.


(Home page photo courtesy of Disney)

34 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Theme

  1. Hi,

    Alice in Wonderland is a great theme! It will give you a chance to be creative and allow your artistic juices to run wild. To give you some ideas on how to design your venue to give it a Wonderland feel, you can check out our Ideas and Themes page – Also, always remember that Wonderland is all about imagination!

    We hope this helps and have a blast on your party!

  2. hi :> hm . can you help me to choose whats the right theme for me ? i was thinking about 80’s theme but i know some of my guest will not cooperate ! so help me pls i want a unique theme not a simple but bongacious . i like hello kitty , pink stuff ! kikay po ko e :>> mahiliq din po ako sa chocolate . salamat po !
    hope you can help me :>>

  3. Hello debut ideas!
    I’m just wondering if you can help me with a Katy Perry inspired party like her video California girls.

    another is the movie Charlie and the Chocolate factory what is the good Gown for that kind of theme

    thankssssss 😀 please reply!

  4. hi!
    I’m thinking of having a gothic masquerade themed party but I do not know where and how to start….can you please help me with it? thank you so much!:)

  5. Hi Jerunia,

    The best way to start is to pick a venue. You can check-out our list of venues to help you along the way. This is important because, first, it is often hard to book a place that will fit the number of guests that you intend to have or the amount of decorations that you want installed. You should also consider if the venue can hold a dance floor, if you want one, a place for dressing up, etc.

    Once you have booked your venue then you can go ahead and plan your decorations. With the venue in mind, you can easily map out where things should go – where the bar should be place, the buffet table, if you’ll be needing round, square or rectangular tables, etc.

    Decoration for a masquerade party is actually quiet simple. Put up columns to mimic the look of a grand ballroom. If you’re having a party in one then there is no need to do this. Drapery is another way to set-up your theme. Decorate the place with metallic-colored balloons like silver, red or deep purple.

    For your centerpieces, you can use huge feathers, sequins, glitter and masquerade masks.

    Once you have a good idea of what the venue should look like then you can easily create your invitation. You can send out a masquerade mask as your invitations filled with glitter and sequins. Or you can opt for something a little more plain but elegant.

    When you have these things down, everything will fall into place! Just remember hat the allure of a Masquerade Ball is the mystery behind it. So, have have planning your party!.

  6. Hi Ally,

    The Charlie and Chocolate Factory seems like a quirky and fun theme for a party! 🙂 It’s specially nice if you just adore chocolates or sweets. If you plan t stick to this theme a great gown should be something that reflects this theme as well. Choose a gown or dress that is quirky, fun yet comfortable. You can have a knee-length gown with layers of tule underneath.

    If you are leaning towards the California Girls video of Katy Perry, then it should be easy because that video is nothing but fun and imaginative – think Candy Land. Just like the video, you can fill your venue with colorful balloons like baby blue and pink. Place some bubble balloon machines around the venue to blow out bubble balloons throughout the party. Don’t forget to place some colorful confetti and draperies all across the room to get that same vibrancy! You can also place some huge cupcakes and candy cane figures in the room. If all else fails, you can always refer to the video for some inspiration. 😉 Have fun planning!

  7. I sooooo love your website! I have so many things in my mind like the chocolate factory thing and CA girls video but last on my list is a birthday concert theme because I can sing and dance in short I love performing!!! :))) so I guess that will be the coolest party ever if I did that. But my problem is the live band any suggestions?

  8. Hi Megan,

    It depends on the personality of the debutante, but mostly I think Alice would be the more appropriate personality to imbibe. You can have the red queen of hearts if you want something quirky like when you have your 18 roses or 18 cards, you will say “Off with his head” after dancing with one of your 18s. Hope this helps.

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