A Rave Debut

A rave theme is a very unconventional approach at a debut party. However, if you play your cards right, you might just end up having the best debut ever.

Venue. It would be such a delight if you could rent a bar since these venues are already set up for this type of theme and so you don’t need to worry much about decorations. However, if you would not be able to rent a bar, don’t fret. A little pinch of imagination would do the trick. Your plain venue can be transformed into a raving atmosphere. The place should be dark enough to emphasize the lighting effect that you will set up. When you’ve already figured out how to darken the venue, it is time to scout for suppliers of lighting effects. Choose a supplier who can give you the best deal for more lighting effects as possible. Remember that you are creating something out of nothing. Believe me, this will make all the difference.

Throwing a rave party needs four basic things. Lights, sounds, drinks and party people.

Lights. As mentioned, your venue should be dark enough so as to enhance the lighting effects that you will set up. For lighting effects, you will need the following: Strobe lights, glow sticks, mirror balls, LED spotlight, black lights and laser. Fill the venue with glow sticks to add to your lighting effect and string them together in order to create different shapes. Include a glow bracelet into your invitation and ask your guests to bring it to your debut party. Make your party by invitation only and only those wearing the glow bracelets are allowed inside the venue. Position pseudobouncers at the entrance of the bar. It will add to that bar atmosphere that you are aiming for.

Sounds. A good DJ is a must for this theme, and so is good music and an excellent sound system. The combination of techno, trance and progressive music usually works best with rave theme parties. Browse through the net for these types of music. There are so many good DJ mixes to choose from, but check out DJ Tiesto and DJ Sasha’s mixes as an example. If you have a favorite song in mind that you would like to be included, brainstorm with your DJ the list of songs so that he can arrange the list in order to create a playlist that flows well from song to song. Be sure to specify any special music tracks you would like the DJ to play and when it is to be played. After all, it is your party, so it is your choice.

Drinks. There must also be drinking and toasting in order to create a rave theme, but it need not be alcohol. You do not want your crowd to be too rambuncious. Serve plain iced tea instead. You can also serve shandy which has only 0.5% alcohol, just enough to let their guard down.

Food. For a total Rave Theme, it is optional to serve hot viands unless your guests are expecting dinner first before the rave party starts. Lean more toward foods that are served cold to keep your guests cool as they dance the night away. Also foods that are sweet to provide them with the energy for a night of dancing. Examples of these are shakes, ice cones, ice creams, popsicles and smoothies. You can even have a dessert bar of sorts with foods served in little glass containers (panacota, chocolate mouse, fruit cups, coffee jello). You can also serve fruits and marshmallows dipped in chocolate on a chocolate fountain.

Party people. Invite people that you know really knows how to party. They will create that energy in the dance floor that would encourage nonravers to join in.

Other things to consider are the following:

Dress. In a rave theme, you have two choices. You can wear a gown during the program proper and then change to a more comfortable yet elegant cocktail dress later, or wear a dress that you can party on but chic enough to stand out. If don’t plan on having a program, you should opt for the latter.

Shoes. Wear comfortable shoes that goes well with your dress. Bear in mind that you are going to party all night so comfort is your primary consideration.

Some more cool ideas:

Invite and party favor rolled into one. Make your invite your party favor too. Select trance and dance songs and burn it on the CDs. Design the label of the CD (which will serve as your invite) through CD/DVD label design software that can be downloaded on the internet. Print it and stick it on your CDs. I’m sure your guests would love hearing your CDs over and over that they’ll be psyched, excited and ready for a night of pure fun.

Laser light show. For a more out-of-this-world rave theme, have a laser light show. I’m sure your guests will enjoy watching it as well as dancing with it.

Special effects. A fog machine will surely create a dramatic effect for your grand entrance.

Remember all these and your guests will definitely have something to rave about.

79 thoughts on “A Rave Debut

  1. Hi! I’m Roxanne.
    Glad I found your site, and I got lots of ideas about on my 18th which will be this coming August 6. It made a great help. Anyway, My Friends and My Relatives knows me as a “PARTY GIRL” so obviously, I want a Rave Theme for my debut. But I want to have also my traditional program like 18 Roses, 18 candles, dance intermission, etc, AVP, dinner, but not too long. But I ONLY HAVE A VERY BIG PROBLEM and ITS A RISK! My venue is not a bar, its an open air (rooftop) And since August is a Rainy Season, my party will messed up if it’ll rain. 🙁 Almost everything is planned. I can really imagine how the party goes. And does it required a very big sound systems/lights/etc. if it will be held in an open air? And Debut ideas, please help me with this.. Since I’m known as a party girl, could you please help me add some ideas about ROXX@18: ___________ (as having a Rave Theme?) Plus, could you give me some contacts on Mobile Bar and How much its cost? If you just have. Thankyou!!

    HELP ME PRAY TO HAVE A VERY GOOD WEATHER ON AUGUST 6. HEHE! Your ideas would be a great help. Thankyou AGAIN!

  2. Hi Roxx,

    For your title, try “An 18th Party that Roxx” or “Roxy Girl turns 18” or something like that. Since August is really a rainy month, have a back up plan in case it rains like make sure that you rent out those cute white tents so in case it rains you have no worries. You can also choose to set it up even if is not raining. It will look cool to have those white tents with white drapes (more like a white party Ibiza style). Place white tents on the stage, food and dance areas. Definitely a Rave theme needs an awesome sound system so warn the neighbors that it is gonna be wild (it will be for just one night anyway). For suppliers of sounds and stuff, click here. Hope this helps.

  3. Being 18 comes only once! Aside from the perfect clothes and list of to do’s to worry about, you have to make sure that your party is unique from the rest of your friends whose also turning 18. Good thing a site like this exists.

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