How to Organize a Cocktail Party for your Debut

If you want to have a debut party with minimum hassle, consider a cocktail party. Cocktail parties are usually short and sweet but sophisticated at the same time. They are a great way to celebrate your very special 18th birthday!

Things you need for a cocktail debut party:debut party cocktails

Simple invites
Scented candles
Flowers for decoration
Wine / beer / cocktail drinks
Nonalcoholic Drinks
Cocktail Glasses
Cocktail Sets
Cocktail Shaker
Table Linens
Folding Chairs
Large and small tables

First, send out invitations, whether electronic invites (E-vites) or the actual physical invitation itself. Don’t forget to include the nature of the party – COCKTAILS – because through this, your guests will know how to dress up for your debut party! Include the occasion (your 18th birthday party), the date, start and end times, which is usually from 6 to 10pm or from 6 to 8pm (for a simple party with no debut program whatsoever).

Make arrangements with a caterer and bartender if you are holding a party for more than 25 people and if you have a budget for it. Otherwise, you can prepare a cocktail menu and plan out how you will get everything ready.

For drinks, you can include wine and beer as well as several types of cocktails. But include options for non-alcoholic beverages as well. Of course you don’t want to get any guest drunk, so make sure that your guests know their limits. Make sure also that you have enough ice.

Set up 2 large tables – one for the drinks and one for the appetizers or “pica pica”. Put these two tables a good distance apart, preferably at the opposite sides of the room to cut down on traffic around them.

Set up chairs and small tables around your venue. Cocktail parties usually don’t have huge tables where guests eat on huge plates. In cocktail parties, you eat finger foods, so that’s a space saver indeed! You just need a smaller table for your guests here. Don’t forget to decorate your tables with linens, candles and floral arrangements!

Organize some party games to break the ice. By doing this, you encourage your guests to mingle.

Of course you can also insert a debut program. After all, it’s your 18th birthday celebration. Just make sure to make your party budget-friendly and as simple as possible to make it hassle-free!

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15 thoughts on “How to Organize a Cocktail Party for your Debut

  1. Hi Ms Banana,

    A cocktail party is a type of party, and it’s not in itself a theme. You can have a cocktail party with a Barbie theme for instance. But if you want a general cocktail party, i believe that any color will do as long as the outfits of your guests fit the description 🙂 Cocktail is kind of matured, since you’re still relatively young, i suggest you use fresh colors for your party 🙂

  2. Hi Ms. Banana Jovanna,

    I believe any color will actually do. Cocktails are done because you want you and your guests to actually get to know each other in an informal way while they drink and have a little chat.

  3. Hi Trixy,

    A cocktail party is usually very informal and often doesn’t include a program, but since it is still a party, guests are expected to wear their best. Long or short sleeves without tie and slacks for guys and short dress or cocktails for girls is the best outfit for these events. Hope this helps.

  4. Good days!Debut ideas,can you suggest a color motif to my sister’s 18th birthday she is so confuse in color bleeding.She loves shinig color. I want to help her but i have no idea so i search a site who can help me in these simple question. Thanks and more Power!:)

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  6. Hi R3,

    I really can’t suggest a color motif for your sister because I don’t know her personally. Ask her what her favorite color is. If it’s pink, maybe you can have a motif of baby pink and brown, or baby pink and gray.
    If it’s yellow, maybe you can combine yellow and blue, or yellow and brown. If she wants green, tell her that it should be pastel green and not the color of the leaf. tell her to combine pastel green with yellow or white. If she wants a blue color, she can combine this with yellow or maybe with different shades of blue. If she wants a sparkling orange, combine it with peach (to tone it down) and white.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  7. hello debut ideas…! if i choose to have cocktail party., what are the designs do i need to prepare for my venue..? the give a ways and prizes for my games..and the dress that i need to wear in order to have a little bit different with my guests. thanks..!

  8. Hi Sheil,

    As what is stated in the article, cocktails are supposed to be hassle free parties. It is just a gathering of you and your guests for at least 2 hours with little or no program at all. This is an elegant way of celebrating your debut with just drinks and some Hors d’œuvre. Candles and flowers would create that ambiance of elegance. Semi-formal dresses are best for cocktails so you can move about freely with your guests. Click here for sample. Hope this helps.

  9. halo.. ahmp.. is it okey if the cocktail party that i have planned will i combined it with masquerade party..? do you think it is a good idea of mine..? or did i make it too hassle..?

  10. Hi Sheil,

    Cocktail parties are elegant but informal at the same time so it is easy to combine it in any theme you want, and yes a cocktail party on a masquerade theme would be a great idea. It would be so elegant to see your guests drinking wine with masks on and having their masks as conversation starters would make it easy for them to mingle. Happy planning.

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