Debut Technical Script

Hello Debutants,

We know how stressful it is to plan your own debut party. So we are giving you something that can (hopefully) make everything easier for you. (wink, wink!)

Here is an Excel file containing some technical details that you can use and modify for your 18th birthday party. This file can help your party organizer and host go about your entire event. Click on the link or image to download the file. Happy planning!

Debut Technical Script / Debut program

Debut party program and script

Debut party common flow

14 thoughts on “Debut Technical Script

  1. hi there, I was trying to open the technical script here but i couldnt open there any possible way?

  2. thanks for sharing your ideas. It really helped me alot. But one thing I need is the sample of script. I was opening the technical script but ican’t open it. Is there any possible way?

  3. Your technical script is very very helpful. It will be my first time to emcee a debut party tomorrow and with your script I feel confident to do it. Thanks! God bless you!

  4. Hi Maria (!

    We are glad to be of help! Hope you had a blast being an emcee 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  5. I’m going to emcee a little debut on Saturday, and i want it to be perfect and different. Can you help me to have some script, its a 7th birthday.

  6. please, provide me an access to your debut emcee/ host script coz’ i cannot get through to it..
    Thank you very much…epoy mejia

  7. You are such a big help! Thank you so much. I will be hosting the debut of my niece and this will surely help me big time! Kudos to you guys! God bless…

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