More on Color: Think Turquoise!

It’s usually “think pink” right? But this time, color forecasts for fashion tag turquoise as the color of the year. So you might want to consider being pretty in this trendy hue for your grand debut.

Why you may ask is turquoise the “it” color? Simply, turquoise is bright yet serene. The combination of these two moods reflects the optimistic view of the fashion industry on world events. Perhaps, you might want to view your own event, i.e. your transition to adulthood the same way.

It is not as cliché as Barbie pink or as loud as hot pink. Turquoise is a good balance of a strong, youthful color offering sophistication. Turquoise, after all, is a gemstone.

Think Turquoise. Think of the possibilities.
Think Turquoise. Think of the possibilities.

Also referred to as azure, sea color and lagoon, turquoise is a flexible hue, complimenting a wide range of color. It can go with chocolate truffle, woodbine, endive, living coral and yes even lipstick red! All of these actually pervaded in fall runway collections for this year. For a safer set, turquoise can be easily mixed with other blues and greens, and with taupe colors. Pairing it with warm colors is much bolder but you may be delightfully surprised with the outcome.

Get the Pantone Fashion Color Report (Fall 2010) here.
Get the Pantone Fashion Color Report (Fall 2010) here.

Pick your inspirations for this color from the sea and sky: Wonderful shapes and patterns you saw when you snorkelled a cove, orchids by the beach, cloud and wave formations, shells you picked up by the shore… You may also take your cue from a piece of turquoise jewellery you hold dear, a postcard of an exotic location like Istanbul or even the eyes of your pet cat.

If you’re worried about your skin tone, don’t fret since turquoise varies from pale to bright to dark. Turquoise need not lean towards the primary pigment cyan, which may not go well for the darker skinned debutante. Try the more airy, softer ones which would go perfect for a flowy ensemble, and perhaps a lady of the lake theme.

Turquoise is a fun color seldom explored in debuts. Its vibrancy truly expresses enjoyable moments like a beach outing and exploring the outdoors. But beyond the happy mood that the color brings, turquoise is truly about imagination as it is one of nature’s more stunning and stimulating colors. LVGA

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8 thoughts on “More on Color: Think Turquoise!

  1. ..hi kindly give me some tips.. my debut will be this coming august 07, 2010.. I’m planning to pick apple green as my
    motif.. thank you.. i’ll wait for the reply..

  2. Hi Abigail,

    Apple green is a refreshing color and it’s a good choice especially for young people like you. Have you chosen your theme already? Choose a theme first and then from there, you’ll be able to decide better on other things 🙂

  3. this is really a wonderful site!!! it gives advices and guides for free,, unlike others sites… thanks, God Bless and more power to the authors!!! 🙂

  4. Hi! I am planning to have a hot pink and orange + zebra print theme on my debut! What suggestions can you offer about my 18’s? :> I want to have a Royalty themed party. But I the words Royalty and Princessy are too common. What other themes can you suggest that can incorporate the royalty or princess thingy. Thank you so much!

  5. Hi May,

    For your 18 roses, you may try The Royal Dance where you will just have a single waltz dance with all your 18s. Your 18 roses will be in a circle in the dance floor and you will be at the center. You will be switching partner every stanza or so of the waltz. You can also have 18 kingdoms where the 18 princes will offer you their kingdom for a dance. 18 knights, 18 Lords, 18 Barons, etc. For 18 candles, try 18 baroness, 18 ladies, 18 damsels. for 18 treasures, try 18 treasure chests, 18 gems, 18 jewels. Hope this helps.

  6. debut ideas 🙂

    i am planning to celebrate my birthday at my chosen orphanage. i would like to rent a cotton candy cart, ice cream cart, popcorn cart so that the kids would enjoy the party. what theme can you suggest and is it advisable to have 18 thingy?

  7. Hi C,

    That’s a nice gesture! I also celebrated my birthday in a school for the blind and brought a “Mamang Sorbetero” there to give out free ice cream! You can do 18 wishes and ask 18 of the kids to make a wish for you. That would be cool! Maybe you can have a cartoon themed birthday (choose any cartoon you loved watching as a kid).

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